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Custom Stencil from Photo - Stencil from Picture

Get your photo, drawing or any subject converted into a wonderful custom stencil!

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Do you need a picture to become a UNIQUE stencil? We're the ones for you!

We are able to make a stencil out of almost any photo, and it will be YOUR stencil, because we'll make for YOU ONLY.
How? We DRAW it, with our magical hands and skills... no computer filters or add-on here, just ART!

The stencil will be made of food safe (FDA approved) 190 micron Mylar, a solvent proof polyester film.

The price includes TWO copies of your stencil (a second copy is very useful for tests).

Creating your personal stencil is easy peasy: just upload us a good picture to use and choose the stencil size you want.

Please choose wisely the photo to send us:
- Highest resolution as possible
- Just 1 or 2 subjects
- NO copyright protected material
- NO blurred or out of focus shots
- NO too dark shots (underexposed)

Please note: we reserve the right to ask you for a second photo to use.

Now you're only one step away from getting your own stencil!

Within 1 week we'll send you a beautiful drawing of your custom stencil for approval - please make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox in those days, we need to make sure you're 100% happy with the design.

Once approved, you'll have your stencil cut with love and shipped in 1-3 business days.
Prepare all of your painting tools! :)

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